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David Brent Returns In New Movie


rickygervais1Ricky Gervais is set to reprise his role as The Office’s David Brent in a new movie next month. David Brent: Life on the Road will be released in the UK on August 19.

The new movie is a mockumentary based on David Brent’s life after ‘The Office’ and his pursuit of a successful music career. Life on the Road takes place 15 years after the events of The Office with Brent (now a sales rep) taking his band ‘Foregone Conclusion’ on tour.

Brent first showed off his musical abilities in the classic episode ‘Training’ from Season 1 of The Office; playing the songs ‘Spaceman’, ‘Freelove Freeway’ and ‘The Serpent Who Guards The Gates of Hell’.

Gervais went on to record and release ‘Freelove Freeway’ in 2004 with former Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher. He has also released a number of other songs from Brent’s fictional band ‘Forgone Conclusion’ over the years including 2013’s ‘Equality Street’ as a special music video for Comic Relief. The most recent release from David Brent is the hilarious ‘Lady Gypsy’ which was added to youtube on July 8.

David Brent’s musical past somewhat mirrors Gervais’ own career. Years before The Office, Gervais had a fleeting music career as part of new wave / electro pop duo ‘Seona Dancing’.

Here’s what Gervais had to say about Brent and the new movie in a recent interview:

“In The Office he was 40 and basically with nice people. Now he’s in a room full of alpha males and he’s not the boss anymore and it really is dog eat dog. He’s almost bullied and it’s quite tragic that he’s haemorrhaging money for this dream he’s been sold that he can make it because Susan Boyle did.”

“A 39-year-old bloke prancing around who’s the boss is a bit undignified; he’s a prat. A 55-year-old rep who’s wasting his hard-earned cash is really sad… but really funny!”

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