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David Bowie’s First Ever Demo is up for Sale


As hard as it is to believe, a rare David Bowie demo recording has been found in a bread basket, and it’s about to make a fellow musician a ton of money.

The recording is of an unreleased 1963 demo and features a very young 16-year-old David Bowie, and it is supposedly the first-ever studio recording of Bowie singing lead. Then known by his given name David Jones. The song is called “I Never Dreamed” and he sang it with his early band called The Konrads.

Going up for sale going up for sale as part of a U.K. music memorabilia auction, the track will hit the auction block on September 11thand is expected to bring in a serious amount. As of now that number is estimated to be around $20.000 dollars.

The seller is the ex-Konrads drummer David Hadfield, he told The Guardian newspaper, that he found the tape in a bread basket in a loft above his garage.

According to Hadfield, he says that he booked a recording session back in 1963 in order to audition for record companies.

Hadfield explained that Bowie himself chose which song to sing, a chose “I Never Dreamed” because he decided that he “was the best person to…give the right interpretation.”

He also explained that this was the only song Bowie sang for the band as he usually only did background vocals for the group.

“For Bowie collectors, this really is a significant recording,” says auctioneer Paul Fairweather of Omega Auctions U.K. “[It’s] completely unique and of great historical interest, being the earliest studio recording of a fledgling musician who would go on to super stardom.”

The full auction details can be found here, and you can hear the track below:

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