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David Bowie To Release “Blackstar”


Rock royalty doesn’t come much bigger than David Bowie. So, when we get news that he’s releasing a new album, you can bet the excitement level goes up a notch.bow sq

Bowie’s new album is called Blackstar, and will be released on Jan 8th, to coincide with his his 69th birthday.

The first single, also called “Blackstar”, will be released On November 20th. The same day Adele’s new album drops.

You might have heard a preview of the title track. A 47-second clip of the song is being used for the opening credits on the British drama The Last Panthers, which premieres on November 12th. Which you can hear below.

Bowie’s camp is keeping very tight lipped with regards to any other details. But, as the news spread of the impending release over the weekend, The Times of London published a detailed report saying that this album was one of his “oddest yet” hinting at jazz influences, Gregorian chanting, and even a nod to the band Kraftwerk. Now, is that the Bowie’s PR machine at work, or is it the fact that it’s, well, David Bowie?

An announcement on Bowie’s website complained of “inaccurate reporting on the sound and content of the album” but, didn’t go into detail.

Interestingly, the website also decided not to challenge The Times claim that the new album was recorded in New York at The Magic Shop, the small recording studio in SoHo, that Bowie worked in secret for nearly two years recording his last album The Next Day. We shall see soon enough!

Whatever the outcome, we here at Rock My World are just glad that Bowie has, after all these years, still has something to say.

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