Dave Mustaine Responds To Grammys Blooper

megadethgrammysMegadeth’s Dave Mustaine has posted a new tweet referring to the recent faux pas he experienced at the Grammy Awards. As Mustaine took to the stage to collect the award for ‘Best Metal Performance’, the Grammys house band greeted him with a rendition of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’.

Playing the wrong song may seem like a harmless mistake; however, given Mustaine’s career history, ‘Master of Puppets’ is perhaps the worst song the house band could have chosen to play.

Back in 1981 Mustaine co-founded Metallica with current members James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Prior to the release of their debut record ‘Kill ‘Em All’, Metallica decided to eject Mustaine from the band due to his drug abuse and violent behaviour. He was subsequently replaced by guitarist Kirk Hammett.

Despite achieving worldwide success with Megadeth, Mustaine has resented Metallica for much of his musical career. Last year Metallica’s Kirk Hammett said of the feud: “I’ve always seen Dave as someone who was just really, really sad, really angry, really frustrated about his situation with Metallica, and he never could let that go. And, you know, I’ve always shown a lot of empathy for him, understanding that he was just pissed off. It’s the equivalent of the woman of your life leaving you.”

It seems however, that Mustaine is willing to take the error with a pinch of salt. As he approached the stage to collect the award he could be seen playing air guitar along to the song and had a jovial look about him. He was also gracious in his acceptance speech thanking the metal community for their continued support.

Mustaine has now posted a response to finally set the record straight, tweeting: “Ah, you can’t blame ’em for not being able to play @Megadeth.”

Great stuff Dave.

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