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Dave Grohl’s Pre-Nirvana Band Scream Rerelease Last Album


Summer festival season is upon us and you’re all ramped up and ready for a summer to remember. But one band, who is not only a staple of the live music scene but also gives us the show of our lives every time the gangDAVE SQ gets on stage, will be missing—The Foo Fighters.

Dave Grohl and the boys have said the Foo Fighters are currently taking a break, but have assured us that they’re definitely not breaking up.

So how do we fill our Foo Fighter void this summer?

Before Dave Grohl joined Nirvana, and then formed the Foo Fighters, Grohl was the drummer of the Washington D.C. punk band Scream.

Grohl was the drummer on Scream’s last album Fumble, which was released in 1993, and that very same album was recently reissued on Dischord Records.

In honor of the reissue, Grohl posted a reflection of his time with Scream, saying via a Facebook post:

“Once upon a time, when I was just a wee lad, I played drums in a punk rock band from the Washington D.C. area called Scream. I had grown up buying their records and going to see their live shows, and eventually had the honor of becoming their drummer at the age of 17. Fresh out of high school, I started touring the world with them from 1987-1990.”

Grohl added this of the album Fumble, “Check it out. It might just change your life. It sure changed mine.”

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