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Dave Grohl Set To Light Up Instagram With His Short Stories


Dave Grohl has joined ‘the kids’ on Instagram and posted “currently looking for work.” The Foo Fighters legend and his band were forced to postpone their up-coming 25th anniversary Van Tour, because of COVID-19, so, in an attempt to keep his and Foo fans’ spirits up, he’s decided to write short stories about his life’s journey up till now. If anyone has a story to tell, it’s Dave Grohl. Via his davestruestories account, he will be sharing “some of the more ridiculous moments of my life with you.”

His first introduction in which he called himself a: “total fucking spaz” he explained he had been inspired by his mother, “a brilliant English teacher,” and his dad, “a wicked speechwriter.”

He Wrote: “Hi, my name is Dave,” adding: “Sometimes I play drums. Sometimes I play guitar. Sometimes I tell stories. I’m currently looking for work, so I’d thought I’d pass the time by writing short stories that will make people smile.”

More than 150,000 people have already subscribed to Grohl’s writing prowess, and let’s face it, this man has some insane stories to tell.


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