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Is Dave Grohl Nervous About The Foo Fighters New Album? Surely Not!


In an interview with Mojo magazine, Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has opened up about somewhat nervous about playing new Foo Fighters tracks from their new album and went as far as to say that he feels like a: ”six-year-old kid with his pants down” when he plays new music to strangers.

Dave had revealed last month that the final touches had been put on their follow-up to 2017’s ‘Concrete & Gold,‘ and that they were all set to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary.

Foo fans are now left wondering what the new album will sound like and by the sounds of it, it will somewhat of a departure. Grohl was quoted saying that the new album is: “unlike anything we’ve ever done”.

During the interview, he also admitted he’s apprehensive about when people finally hear it.

He told Mojo: ”I’ve never entered into the album process thinking, ‘We’re the greatest, most amazing, biggest band in the world’,” adding:

”You might convince yourself of that when you’re in a room listening to shit you’ve just recorded. But the second you hit play in front of a roomful of strangers, you turn into a six-year-old kid with his pants down at school. Absolutely. You’re just [fearful].”

We get another hint as to the direction of the new album from drummer Taylor Hawkins. He said: “We’ve kind of become the AC/DC of post-grunge or whatever. So, the reaction is going to be interesting. It’s the most pop fantastic album we’ve ever made,” and added:

”But I had a hard time making this record because I was like Roger Taylor in the Queen movie. ‘We’re resorting to drum loops?’ I almost feel like Dave likes chaos a little bit then likes to control it.”

All of us here at RMW can’t wait to hear it that’s for sure…

In the meantime for all of you Foo Fighter Fanatics that are hurting due to the band’s recent tour postponement, we’ve got something to brighten your day. Check out the Foo Fighters’ full live concert from Atlanta in 2019 below:


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