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Dan Auerbach Remembers Dr. John In Touching Tribute


Black Keys singer/ guitarist Dan Auerbach has given an interview to Rolling Stone, in the interview he remembers with fondness meeting and working the late Dr. John, who passed away on June 6th following a heart attack.

Auerbach was a longtime fan, and even sought out the singer-songwriter to record with him. Eventually, the friendship and mutual trust blossomed and the Black Keys man would eventually go on to produce and play guitar on Dr. John’s penultimate album, ‘Locked Down.’

Auerbach talked of his relationship with the man: “Every song was like a performance; he just went for it. He loved the music, and he wasn’t looking for perfection; he was just grooving,” adding: “All the stars aligned. Some of the songs held a lot of deep meaning for him personally. It seemed it took a lot of weight off his shoulders. He was a little lighter after he sang those songs. Afterward he thanked me and just said it really helped bring his family together.”

Auerbach paid tribute by saying: “He was so one of a kind… We lost one of the greatest musicians who ever lived and also one of the greatest reflections of this country, musically, in one man… We lost something that will never be duplicated.” Read the full remembrance here.

Dr. John was 77-years-old.


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