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Coolest Rock Pinball Machines


Rolling Stones Pinball

stones pinball

Made by Stern Pinball, the Rolling Stones Pinball machine features 13 of The Stones’ most popular songs and some fantastic artwork of the both the band themselves and some of their greatest album covers.

The machine also features two all new fast ramps, a ball lock that changes songs, a model of the classic Rolling Stones lips and to cap it all off a moving Mick Jagger target.

  Kiss Pinball

kiss pinball

One of the most iconic pinball machines to date, the original version of the Kiss pinball machine was made by ‘Bally’ back in 1979. Since then an updated version has been released by ‘Stern Pinball’ in 2015 and has instantly become one of their highest selling models.

The Kiss pinball machine features 10 of the bands most popular songs as well as some custom speech from both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. This is by far one of the most fun machines to play, particularly because of the ‘Blood-Spitting Demon Bass Solo’ and ‘Fire-Breathing Demon God of Thunder’ multiball modes.

Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’ 

metallica pinball

The Metallica ‘Master of Puppets’ pinball machine is one of Stern’s newest rock n roll releases. It features 12 Metallica songs including ‘Fade to Black’, ‘One’ and of course the mighty ‘Master of Puppets’.

There’s nothing like some fast paced music to help you focus on your gaming and the Metallica soundtrack certainly provides that. A really high octane pinball experience, not one for the faint hearted.

Guns N’ Roses Pinball

gnr pinball

Released in 1994, the Guns N’ Roses pinball machine has become one of the biggest selling machines to ever exist. It features artwork from photographer Robert John’s book ‘Guns N’ Roses: The Photographic History’ and a number of GnR’s biggest hits from ‘Appetite For Destruction’ and ‘Use Your Illusion’. It was also co-designed by Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

The machine is now out of production but can still be purchased at auctions and certain arcade stores, be it for a hefty price.

The Who ‘Tommy Pinball Wizard’

the who pinball

Based on The Who’s classic rock-opera ‘Tommy’ (probably the greatest movie ever made about pinball). The ‘Tommy Pinball Wizard’ was released in 1994 and features a whopping 21 songs from the movie. The gameplay follows the story of the movie and ends with a crazy 6 ball multiball mode.

Only 4,700 of these machines were released by Data East and currently fetch around $5000 on eBay.


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