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Controversy at ‘The Story So Far’ gig


American Pop Punk band The Story So Far have come under scrutiny by the music press this week after an incident involving frontman Parker Cannon kicking a young fan off the stage at a gig in Toronto.story sq

Becca Ilic, 21, was attempting to take a snapchat video on her phone when she was unexpectedly booted off the stage. Despite the kick looking pretty aggressive, the young fan claims she has no hard feelings toward the band or singer Cannon.

Ilic identified herself as the girl in the video and went on to elaborate in a post on her Instagram:

“I was at the show, got up onstage and tried to take a stupid Snapchat video of me jumping into the crowd,” “I was drunk and my phone wasn’t working properly to load the app, so I stood up there longer than I had anticipated. As expected at all hardcore shows, Parker was going with the flow and just hyping up the crowd so he kicked me offstage.”

A video of the incident has since gone viral and has garnered a mixture of opinions from the Pop Punk / Hardcore community.

The Story So Far are no strangers to controversy. A similar situation was caught on camera last year at a gig in Houston, Texas, where Cannon could again be seen kicking a fan to the floor. The frontman was also involved in a brawl with security guards at the 2014 Warped Tour.

There has always been a fine line between violence and enjoyment at many gigs in the Punk genre. Ilic summarised her feelings about these type of gigs in another post stating:

“I was in the pit (obviously), and I got a piercing accidentally ripped out, and I got a concussion from everyone jumping on my head,” she tells AP via email. “I’ve had a bloody/bruised nose several times and been punched in the face and hair pulled. All accidental, of course, but it’s rough, and I believe that it’s part of it all the rock/mosh pit scene, regardless of rock genre.”

Here is the footage from the show, let us know your thoughts on the situation.

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