Comedian Charlie Murphy Has Passed Away, Aged 57

charliemurphy1Comedian Charlie Murphy has sadly passed away at the aged of 57. The ‘Chapelle’s Show’ actor died at a hospital in New York City on April 12 after a lengthy battle with leukaemia.

Charlie Murphy (brother of comedian / actor Eddie Murphy) was born in Brooklyn, NY on July 12, 1959. The son of a transit police officer and telephone operator, Murphy spent 10 months in jail as an adolescent before joining the United States Navy as a boiler technician in 1978.

Following his brother Eddie’s worldwide success in the 1980’s, Murphy began acting and starred in a number of popular movies including ‘Harlem Nights’, ‘Jungle Fever’ and ‘The Players Club’. His most memorable role however, was in Dave Chapelle’s 2003 comedy sketch programme ‘Chapelle’s Show’.

In a segment titled ‘Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories’, Murphy recounted tales from when he was a member of his brother’s entourage in the 1980s. Some of the sketches included stories centring around musicians Rick James and Prince. They would later become the most popular sketches of the shows entire run, spawning a number of iconic catchphrases.

Following his appearances on ‘Chapelle’s Show’, Murphy experienced a sharp increase in popularity, and starred in a number of big budget films including ‘Night At The Museum’, ‘Norbit’ and ‘Our Family Wedding’. His final movie role was in 2016’s ‘Meet The Blacks’.

Murphy’s passing was confirmed by his manager on April 12. It was also revealed that he had been undergoing chemotherapy. Murphy leaves behind three children, two of which are from his relationship with Tisha Taylor Murphy who passed away in 2009.

Friend and fellow comedian D.L Hughley posted a touching tribute to Murphy via instagram in which he stated: “After every gig, he rushed home to be with his kids. He died with gigs on the books.”

Rest In Peace.

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