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Coldplay Fan Creates The Ultimate Youtube Tribute


Super fans have always found new and original ways to prove their love for a particular band or artist. This story is no exception; a young man named Sam Reid just uploaded a video via YouTube in a highly inventive way for him to pay tribute to this favorite band, Coldplay.cold sq

In a post he entitled “My Life In Technicolor,” Reid, shows a timeline collage / video of selfie-pictures he took of himself every single day for five years to the tune of Coldplay’s “Life in Technicolor ii”.

It would be one thing to just take a picture every day for five years whilst listening to the song, but as the track progresses and Chris Martin’s vocals kick in, Reid starts to lip-sync along to the lyrics of the song. It syncs up beautifully, now that’s dedication…

YouTuber Reid’s description of the video states that the project took place everyday from February 23, 2011 to April 19, 2016, and that it took the Coldplay fan “five years to cover this song.” It starts when he was a junior in high school and ends it, five years later, wearing his college graduation cap and gown. Not only do we see him grow up, but we also get to see every bedroom he lived in during the five years.

YouTube is packed with people singing and paying homage to their favorite acts, but this video takes covering a band or artists song to another level. The commitment and time spent is quite extraordinary to say the least.

Check out the video below and you can’t help but applaud Read’s serious attention to detail.

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