Christopher Nolan Talks New Movie ‘Dunkirk’ and Harry Styles

Harry Styles In Dunkirk

Director Christopher Nolan has opened up about his latest movie ‘Dunkirk’ in a new interview with The L.A. Times. In the interview, Nolan discusses both the personal significance of the film, and his reasons for casting One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Christopher Nolan is one of the finest directors to have emerged since the turn of the century. With a sublime repertoire that includes such films as ‘Memento’, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Interstellar’, Nolan has given our generation not only thrilling cinematic experiences, but some of the most head scratching moments in the history of cinema.

Nolan is perhaps best known for his Batman ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy and science fiction thriller ‘Inception’. His latest project ‘Dunkirk’ however, may just be his finest work to date.

‘Dunkirk’ is one of Nolan’s first movies to be set in the real world. When asked why he chose this particular subject, Nolan replied: “As somebody who’s made thrillers before, suspense-action thrillers before — I was looking for the most paradoxical situation. A situation you can’t imagine a way out of. It’s the story of being trapped and surrounded by the enemy at the town of Dunkirk and having the impossible choice of annihilation or surrender. And the fact that the story does not end in annihilation or surrender is why it’s one of the great stories. Four hundred thousand men with their backs to the English Channel and home only 26 miles away, but no one cared — and that’s the situation of the story. This is a suspense movie, first and foremost. It’s not so much a war film as a suspense thriller. Dunkirk is one of the great suspense situations of all time.”

Having Nolan’s name attached to the film is reason enough to purchase a cinema ticket, but for many people ‘Dunkirk’ will be remembered at Harry Styles’ first big screen appearance. When asked why he decided to cast Styles, Nolan explained: “When we put the cast together, we had some established names: Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy. But for the guys on the beach, we really wanted young unknowns. He’s not that unknown, but he’d never done anything as an actor before. So he auditioned. I auditioned literally thousands of young men with different combinations of young men. And he had it.”

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