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Christopher Lee’s Heavy Metal Legacy


Sir Christopher Lee, who died Sunday at age 93, leave’s behind a legacy as one of the truly great cinematic villains, The Hammer House of Horror legend stared in many films but the one fact you may not have know was Lee was also a hard rock singer and heavy metal fan.

His recording career began in his late ’80s, Lee released several singles and albums praised by rockers around the globe.

Biff Byford, lead singer of the iconic British metal band Saxon, told the New York Daily News “Christopher Lee was an iconic actor who embraced metal and rock music,” “His gothic portrayals mesmerised me as a young man and he was the ultimate long haired rebel. “He will be sadly missed by millions of fans. A true legend.”[image type=”rounded” float=”left” src=”https:rockmyworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Lee-1.jpg” alt=”Christopher Lee”]

Only last Christmas, Lee put out a holiday-themed metal single “Darkest Carols, Faithful Sing,” showcasing his rich baritone voice reminiscent of the many horror films he stared in.

Lee also unleashed a full album, “Metal Knight,” to celebrate his 92nd birthday.

His love affair with all that is sword and sorcery can be found in the titles of many of his songs, including the track” The Bloody Verdict of Verden,” Lee made a video for this and can be seen as a sword -wielding king!!

One more piece of trivia you probably didn’t know is that the film star also made his way into the record books in Christmas 2013, surpassing Tony Bennett in becoming the oldest performer ever — at 91 — to make the Billboard charts, with the aptly titled single “Jingle Hell (Bells),” which reached No. 18.

Story: The Rock My World team
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