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Christmas Countdown: Vox Amplug’s



These things are a favourite here at rock my world and number 2 on our Christmas gift countdown.

Similar to the Vox active headphones in many ways these are a much cheaper alternative and definitely our preferred choice if we were buying them for ourselves. Personally I’ve got both the AC30 and the Classic Rock Amplugs and they work fantastically. And yes we thought they were nothing, but a gimmick at 1st sight, but they are really quite good.

The devices simply create an active output with the wide variety of vox effects you’d expect from the amps they’re styled on. Whilst they’re not exactly going to replace your amp for the best of effects they certainly make life much easier if you want to play your guitar outside of your normal practice space. None of us really like lugging our amps round to plug headphones into them somewhere else.

As a gift they’re a fantastic little stocking filler and any guitarist is bound to be happy with them, assuming they don’t already have one or have a set of Vox’s Active Headphones.

They do also have a bass option, I can’t say I’ve personally tested those, but they do still tend to be positively reviewed and in many cases it’s likely that a bassist will find even more use from them than guitarists will.

They’re not all that expensive either coming in at around £29.99 for most types. Certainly a great little gift and money well spent.

Check Them Out Here At Amazon



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