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Christmas Countdown: The Highlights (Our Top 5)


So we had a vote in the office about the things we wanted from the list (we let Mike put the hoop crasher in to keep him happy, if more of us played drums it probably would be on the list in fairness) and this is what we came back with. We did take into account what you guys seemed most interested in on social media as well. Think we could think of better music related gifts for 2015? What would yours be?

JoJo Mayer Hoop Crasher

This things awesome we’ve said it once and we’ll keep saying it. It’s a fantastic piece of kit and aside from the fact it gives you something completely new to play with at the kit it also doesn’t take up any extra space if you’re like most people in the UK and don’t have huge rooms for your gear.

Buy one here

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016

Buy One Here

Whilst there have been a few doubters on Facebook we had this in the office for a while before the winner of our Strat v Les Paul competition was announced. So, we’ve had a bit of time to play with this. It’s a good guitar and a good return to form for Gibson.

Buy them here

ACDC Tickets

Find Tickets

Does this even need any explanation, I don’t think I know a rock fan who wouldn’t want to go and see AC DC, and with more rumors this could be the last tour (I think their last 3 tours had the same rumors) it’s worth going if you can.

Buy them here


Buy Them Here

You love them, we love them, ok so they’re not great with Strats (Credit to Patrick Coleman on Facebook for that bit of knowledge), but that’s when you buy the headphone versions. These things are great and if you don’t have one (and you don’t mainly play a Strat) then you really should be looking to pick one up, it’s something that should be in every guitarists bag.

Buy them here

Vinyl Frames

Buy Them Here

This is a decision for us in the office mostly because I think almost all of us have bought some, whilst they’re not nearly as exciting as the others they do look cool and we certainly like them.

Buy them here


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