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Christmas Countdown: Our Favourite Reads


Looking for some music books to give as gifts this Christmas? We’ve got our top educational and our top auto biographies right here.



Music Theory for Guitarists:

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask
This book is fantastic, covers all the need to knows on theory and should be on every guitarists coffee table.

Buy it here with next day delivery optional







101 Guitar Tips

A nice easy read through offering practical advice for the intermediate to advanced player. Every good guitarist should know you’re always learning this is a good way to continue. Buy it here with next day delivery optional








West African Rhythms for Drumset and Afro Cuban Rhythms for Drumset
These two books are great for any drummer looking for some outside the box ideas to spice up his play style. Guaranteed to be interesting to any intermediate or advanced drummers even if it’s from a purely academic interest.

Buy African Rhythms here with next day delivery optional

Buy Afro Cuban Rhythms here with next day delivery optional








Slap it – Funk Studies
This should be in every bassist’s book shelf, full of helpful information helping the intermediate push things to the next level and also for an advanced player looking to brush up.
Buy it here with next day delivery optional


Music Auto biographies




Anthony Kiedis – Scar Tissue
The Red Hot Chilli’s frontman has had something of an unconventional upbringing and life, it’s certainly an interesting read and sheds another light on the legendary frontman. Buy it here with next day delivery optional









Chuck Berry
This book is more than just an interesting read from a musicians perspective, it gives huge amounts of insight into the time period in the USA as the man who arguably created Rock and Roll travels through a country dealing with huge transitions in how Afro Americans are seen and treated as well as the hardships he faced at the time. Buy it here with next day delivery optional









Slash’s autobiography is a little surreal to read the decadence and lifestyle is nothing that you’ll be unfamiliar with if you’ve read any of the other GNR biographies, but the nonchalant manner in which he writes is surreal. Well worth a read. Buy it here with next day delivery optional









Bob Dylan – Chronicles: Volume One
This should be obvious, Dylan is a legendary wordsmith, is it any surprise that his autobiography was fantastically entertaining. Buy it here with next day delivery optional





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