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Christmas Countdown: Gifts For Drummers


Drummers can often be an awkward bunch to buy for, not only are most of the things you can buy quite expensive, but we tend to be quite particular about our set up. That’s why if you really want to get something that’s going to see use you’re best off buying something that we’re going to find fun and interesting. Even if it may not be on the kit every day these cool new wave of effects cymbals are going to get any drummer excited.

These gifts are mostly designed for a drummer who already has the standard set up.

Zildjian Spiral Stacker Cymbal

This is something of an eye catching cymbal, and the sound is unique enough that it’s not just a gimmick, it’s going to add a little diversity to anyone’s effects cymbals it compliments a number of different cymbals and will give the drummer something to play around with and actually recapture some really joy this Christmas.

Zildjian 10″ FX Spiral Stacker

Sabian Chopper Cymbal

The chopper cymbal is surprisingly versatile, you can easily find yourself using it as a rhythm cymbal not just an effects cymbal. It has a really unique rattle which sometimes makes it a little similar in some ways to hi hats. I’ve been a large fan of this cymbal ever since sabian released it and if it wasn’t for the Hoop ring it would be my personal favourite on the list. Sabian 12-inch CHOPPER Cymbal

Jo Jo Mayer Hoop Crasher

This is possibly the new toy drumming for a long time. Well it’s my personal favourite anyhow. If you live in an apartment or anywhere where the practice space restricts the kit size this is absolutely fantastic. It gives an extra set of options to snare use and adds a ton of versatility to play options. You will have to make sure that you get the right size for the snare, so be sure to check before buying one.

Sabian HC-14 14-Inch Jojo Mayer Hoop Crasher Effect Cymbal


Anything you really want for Xmas that we’ve missed? Tell us in the comments. 


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