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Christmas Countdown: Gibson 2016 Models


As apparently Gibson’s are a favourite of our readers (as shown in our Stratocaster V Les Paul Poll) we figured that a one of these guitars would pretty much make anyone’s Christmas. I know I didn’t want to see the Les Paul leave the office.

Most 2016 models will also be a little cheaper this year after Gibson decided to ditch some of its controversial tech which put prices up, but weren’t exactly popular additions.


Whilst this is going to be on the pricier side of Christmas presents and a lot of you will have done all of your big present shopping by now we simply couldn’t leave these off the list. This list is designed to help someone shopping for a present more than the more technically avid of our readers (we will review some of these properly in the New Year mind).

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2016


We’re starting with the Studio’s because that’s what we gave away. They’re not the top end of the Les Pauls, but hardly the cheapest either. (There are limits to our generosity). These things are fantastic. Coming in at around £650 there’s still a few left on amazon for next day delivery. It’s a classic guitar and anyone who doesn’t already have a Les Paul is going to love it. With the Les Paul being such an icon you’re safe with this as a present for anyone, it’s unlikely that anyone is going to dislike this guitar and it will almost certainly be a staple for any guitarist that owns one.

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USA SG 2016


The SG is not quite as iconic as the Les Paul, but it’s not exactly unknown, it features quality craftsmanship and that sound that you only really get from a Gibson guitar. I’ve had the pleasure of messing around with one of these in the local shop and they are great. But, the styling is more of a personal taste. They’re a little cheaper than the Les Paul studio’s (not by much), but again another present any one is going to love.

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Firebird 2016


The Firebird 2016 is definitely an acquired taste in terms of styling. Much like the Flying V it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So unless you’re 100 percent sure I wouldn’t recommend buying this one as a present for someone. That said it’s still a brilliant guitar. It’s got a somewhat retro sound, which is what you’d expect based on the styling, so you really know what somebody likes to play before buying one of these.

You Can Get A Gibson Firebird 2016 T Electric Guitar Here

Flying V 2016


It’s a Flying V, guitarists either love them or hate them. Sure nobody can argue with the quality of the guitar here, but much like the firebird this really is a styling choice. I know plenty of guitarists that wouldn’t want to be seen on stage with it believing it’s a tacky monstrosity. Yet I know other’s which would say it’s the coolest thing ever. Probably, best to avoid unless you know the person you’re buying for is really into the styling. Added to which the tones are really more suited to metal than anything else. So that should be more than enough to give you an indication of whether or not it’s right for someone.

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Les Paul Standard 2016


This is by and large the big brother to the Studio, more expensive with a higher quality than the Les Paul Studio. Now, buying this really depends at how much you want to spend, and only you know that. Now, I can’t say I’ve personally played the 2016 model, but considering the price drop from last year after removing some of the daft inclusions from the 2015 models (automatic tuners etc) you’re getting a fantastic guitar at the right price.

Get a Gibson USA Les Paul Standard 2016 T Electric Guitar Here


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