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Christmas Countdown: Fun Instruments for Under £30


Looking for something that’s a little bit more fun than substantial? Well one thing that almost every musician we know has been guilty of at least once is buying a “toy instrument” these things are quite fun to receive as gifts even if odds are they’re not going to see that much use.

The Harmonica

The classic and probably the one on this list that’s most likely to see use. At least if the person you’re buying for is into the right sort of music. A lot of people will already have one of these. Personally mine sit’s in a draw, but I did certainly get more than £30’s worth of fun out of it.

Amazon harmonica’s

The Ocarina

This is a bit of a nerd toy as much as it is a musician’s toy. I do personally have one, and to be honest I had more fun with it than the harmonica. But, that’s probably because of some sort of nostalgia vison for the Zelda games. It’s basically an oddly shaped recorder and is pretty easy to get the hang of. Still I had fun figuring out a couple of the tunes from the old Ocarina of time game. So, if you know a musician who has fond memories of the old games it’s probably going to be a fun gift. It doesn’t have to be one of the replica one’s from the game and they do come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but that’s going to be a helpful plus.

12 Hole Ocarina

The Cowbell

Aside from a few “more cowbell” jokes and perhaps a cover of don’t fear the reaper it’s unlikely that a drummer is going to use this too often. That said they’re pretty fun, don’t take up much space on the kit and are likely to come out every now and again, and when you consider you can pick them up for as little as £10’s that’s a pretty solid gift. Would make a great Secret Santa gift for a drummer.

Stagg CB305BK 5.5 inch Cowbell – Black

The Ukulele

Ok, the Ukulele does whiff of bulging Hawaiian shirts, but it’s still pretty fun. Is it going to gather dust, well a lot of the time yes, will it come out after a few drinks, HELL YES! And you know what if you’re having fun with it and it makes people laugh that’s alright in our book. Although it may just be me that has the urge to play the Ukulele after a skinful… If anyone would care to comment on that and let me know it’s not just me I’d be thankful.

Stagg US10 Traditional Soprano Ukulele

The Bongo’s

This is one of those musicians toy’s that a lot of us will already have, and possibly one that you want to avoid if you live with the person. At least if they’re the sort of flatmate who’ll be faffing with them in the living room every night for a week, whilst you have to be up for work in the morning….. But, if you don’t live with the person it’s not your problem right? They’re fun, they’re cheap, what more could you be looking for?

Technote 7 inch and 8 inch Bongo Set – Natural Wood


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