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Chirstmas Countdown: Our Top 6 Most Wanted Tickets For 2016


We should start by saying almost all of these shows aren’t until spring that said we’d be happy to know we’re going to any of them. And gig tickets are a pretty safe present as long as you know the person you’re buying for likes the band in question.

ACDC – Tickets On Sale 18th December


You’ll have to act fast if you want to get tickets to this. They’re going to sell fast, but we all know it’s certainly going to be worth it. We’re definitely going to be trying to get a few tickets for ourselves. The Legendary rockers are at the top of our lists, not just because of the fact that they’re such icons, but it’s not as if you get too many chances to see them perform. Keep in mind they’re getting to that age where every year sees more rumours that this will be their last tour. And who knows maybe this one will be. They go on sale at 9 30 Friday morning – you can buy them here.

Enter Shikari – On Sale Now

enter shikari

Now Enter Shikari may not be everyone’s cup of tea. I remember seeing them before they released their debut album and again since as awfully hipster as this will sound I always preferred the recordings on the EP. Even then in smaller venues they still put on a hell of a show and they’re definitely one of those bands who translate fantastically to playing live. They’re pretty reasonably priced at £23.50 a head. You can get tickets here. 

Hollywood Undead – On Sale Now


Hollywood Undead’s tour like most of these is in April, the LA based outfits tickets are going for around £20 although there are only 5 UK dates on the tour so for a lot of readers these may not be the most convenient of venues.  You can get tickets here. 

Wolf Alice – On Sale Now


Wolf Alice’s tour starts in March 2016 and the act has received a great deal of critical acclaim over the last year. The tickets are pretty cheap starting at just £17.50 (probably about £19 after booking fees) and they’ll be hitting up quite a lot of mid sized venues so it’s a good chance to see them locally.    You can get tickets here. 

Muse – On Sale Now


If you’ve not seen Muse before they’re well worth watching and will be on almost every British rock fans “want to see” list. The tickets are on sale now and start from £45 per person. Granted if you’re planning on going to Glastonbury you’ll be seeing them there anyway. You can get tickets here. 

Chris Cornell – On Sale Now


The Sound Garden and Audioslave front man is once again touring with solo material. Cornell has without a doubt one of the best voices in rock. Tickets aren’t the cheapest we’ve listed here, but having seen him live we can certainly recommend giving this one a go. You can get tickets here. 


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