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Chip Z’nuff Talks Tours and Trim


Enuff Z’Nuff is a band like no other. Just like the Energizer Bunny, the band, and importantly, Chip Z’Nuff, never say never and just keep going and going and, well, you get the picture. MTV and radio favorites from day one, their songs “New Thing” and “Fly High Michelle” thrust the band into the mainstream and Mr. Z’Nuff never looked back. We recently sat down with co-founder and now singer of the band Chip, and asked him about the bands future plans.

RMW: How you doing my friend?

Chip: I’m great thanks, can’t complain, although it could be a little warmer that’s for sure.

RMW: What a great year you guys had in 2018, how did you personally think the year played out?

Chip: It was one of the biggest years of my career. It was the first time that the band has charted in 28 years with the new Diamond Boy Record. 152 on the Billboard charts. Yeah, I’m bragging about it because I’m certainly proud, the band has been doing terrific and the huge tour we did with Live Nations was no exception. Yeah, it was a wonderful year.

RMW: Talking of that Live Nations tour. Did a lot of old fans and perhaps new fans turn out for the shows?

Chip: Sure, the old fans came out and they were bringing their kids which of course I think is wonderful. I really want the youth of today to embrace us, it’s important to us that we reach as many people as possible with this latest record and with the upcoming tour.

RMW: So, talking about the upcoming tour, tell us about it, my friend, what’s the deal, where are you playing?

Chip: Well, we’re gonna get in a rickshaw and somehow navigate it across the pond where we start the next tour over in Edinburgh Scotland, work our way down to London which is one of my favorite places in the world to play, we’ll then zig-zag across the UK before heading out to Italy Sweden, Norway and possibly Austria.

RMW: Here’s a question for you, what are some of your favorite memories of being on tour in the UK?

Chip: Well, I remember doing the BBC in the early days which was really exciting and I got a chance to hang out with Krusher Joule and all those heavyweights at Kerrang magazine, those are great moments. Phil Wilding too, he was a wonderful journalist that took care of us in the early days. What was really important to us was the fans that came out there. The first tours we played to a couple of hundred people and I was pointing to invisible balconies, it eventually got to the point where we were playing huge places, Hammersmith Odeon, Town and Country that were very well attended and we got to play with some really big bands as well as headlining. Oh, and I love the trim there as well, it doesn’t get any better.

RMW: I bet you do….. So, how many tours have you done in the UK?

Chip: This will be my 12thtour in the UK, most notably, 2010, Donington Download, that was probably one of the bigger ones I’ve done but since then all the tours have been well attended, we’re playing great rooms including Camden Underworld in London. I remember seeing Radiohead, Cheap Trick and the Gorillaz there so sharing the same stage that some of these bigger band have played is what I live for.

RMW: Ok, so we hear you’ve got a nice surprise for the fans to launch this European tour, and here at Rock My World we can tell you that we have an Enuff Z’nuff exclusive, can you tell us about that Chip?

Chip: Yep. Well, we’ve got something that the fans are gonna freak over. We’ll be streaming a brand new track that we’ve covered, and let me tell you this, we’ll be stepping out of our comfort zone that’s for sure and this next track we’re putting up is strictly for this UK tour. That’s all I’ll say for now, but you can hear it first at Rock My World on Monday, February 11thand let me tell you, it’s gonna whip your ass. See you in England.

You can hear the exclusive new Enuff Z’nuff track here on Monday, February 11th at 12.01am EST and you can catch the band on tour with special guests Last Great Dreamers at the following dates:

Wed 13th February     EDINBURGH Bannermans (UK)
Thu 14th February      LONDON Underworld (UK)
Fri 15th February        NUNEATON Queens Hall (UK)
Sat 16th February       BRADFORD Trash (UK)
Sun 17th February      BUCKLEY Tivoli (UK)
Mon 18th February     STOKE ON TRENT Eleven (UK)
Thu 21 February         VELDEN Bluesiana Rock Cafe (AUSTRIA)
Fri 22nd February       VERCELLI Sonore (ITALY)
Sat 23rd February      SAN DONA DI PIAVE Revolver (ITALY)
Sun 24th February     BERGAMO UFO (TALY)
Wed 27th February    VARBURG Backstage (SWEDEN
Thu 28th February     GOTHENBURG Tregaarden (SWEDEN)
Fri 1st March              OSLO Olsen (NORWAY


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