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Carly Simon Gets Personal


She’s a Grammy and Academy Award winner and now Carly Simon is showing her unending talent as a writer. Simon has decided to tell her story, and on November 24, the singer-songwriter will release Boys in the Trees: A Memoir via Macmillan imprint Flatiron Books.

The highly anticipated book chronicles Simon’s life both from an onstage and off perspective.  For fans of Simon, the added carly sqbonus is that days earlier, on November 20, a companion 2-CD set called Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection will be released by Rhino Records. Very much like Elvis Costello’s Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, the CD’s material will reflect the narrative in her autobiography.

In Simon’s press release she explains, “This is a special album that serves as an additional way to look at my stories. Most of these songs are precursors to what eventually became the book. As the narrative only goes up to 1983, there are many songs to follow. If you feel like playing this puzzle, there are clues of how to cross-reference the songs with the chapters, pages and words.”

Due to the memoir ending in 1983, the 31 selections are drawn almost exclusively from Simon’s recordings at Elektra Records and Warner Bros.

The tracks will be spread across two discs, and cover most of the highlights of the award-winning artist’s career. Starting from her musical debut as half of The Simon Sisters with her sister Lucy, to her huge success as a solo artist including 13 top 40 hits, and her huge #1 hit “You’re So Vain”.

All in all, Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection is a fantastic insight into the life and times of one of America’s greatest songwriters.

Here are the track listings for the album.

Disc One:

  1. Boys In The Trees
  2. Winkin’, Blinkin’ And Nod – The Simon Sisters
  3. Orpheus
  4. Older Sister
  5. It Was So Easy
  6. Embrace Me, You Child
  7. Hello Big Man
  8. Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)
  9. It Happens Everyday
  10. His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin
  11. I’m All It Takes To Make You Happy
  12. That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be
  13. I’ve Got To Have You
  14. Anticipation
  15. Legend In Your Own Time
  16. Three Days

Disc Two:

  1. Julie Through The Glass
  2. We Have No Secrets
  3. You’re So Vain
  4. Mind On My Man
  5. Mockingbird
  6. After The Storm
  7. Haunting
  8. In Times When My Head
  9. You Belong To Me
  10. We’re So Close
  11. From The Heart
  12. Come Upstairs
  13. The Right Thing To Do

Bonus Selections:

  1. Showdown
  2. I Can’t Thank You Enough

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