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Bruce Dickinson Talks about The Power of Music


Musicians have long felt the need to talk politics. And Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden’s lead singer is no different.

In Dickinson’s mind he believes that music is “far more powerful than any political slogan”.

Talking with to Metal Hammer magazine, Iron Maidens front-man told Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson, his thoughts on the real power of music.

It’s Dickinson’s belief that it’s “daft” of musicians to start preaching to fans about “the blindingly obvious,” and it’s his belief that ‘it’s the emotional power of music that sticks with fans for the rest of their lives.’

Bruce also told the magazine that he can remember being at school, and remembering the emotions of being hit with a ruler or lusting after the girl in the second row, Bruce says that music has the power to take “people right to the state they were in when they heard the music and that’s far more powerful than any political slogan or anything like that.

“If you want to preach to people either be a preacher or be a politician.”

Scream for Me Sarajevo – the documentary that tells the story of Bruce Dickinson’s solo show in warring Sarajevo in 1994 – is due out June 29th.

Check out the video of Bruce talking with Metal Hammer’s Dom Lawson below:

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