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Boyband vs Girlband: The Results



Stop the press: Ryan Lawrie wasn’t in the bottom three this week. Whether or not he mimed Twist and Shout as per the social media allegations, it didn’t seem to matter a bit, since for the first time since memory began, he was called through to next week, without needing his teenage fanbase to save him on the app’s Lifeline vote.

Honey G also made it through and @tonysheps on Twitter summed up the current state of affairs in the UK

Totally worth the tedium of her success however, was Honey G’s celebratory knee-slide in leather-ette trousers. I’ve already watched this too many times and I’m not going to stop any time soon.

Alternatively, this. You’re welcome


Predictably Four of Diamonds were in the bottom three again – especially since them made me and a lot of other people let go, rather than Hold On, in Saturday’s performance. Sam Lavery joined them, only to be saved by the Lifeline vote, and the other sing-off participant was the infinitely superior Saara Aalto whose main crime against humanity in the show appeared to be a Japanese themed styling.

The sing-off was brutally one-sided, and this time the right contestants got sent home ie. Not-Little-Mix. Next week’s randomly selected jukebox theme is Disco and the entire country waits with bated breath to see what song Honey G will brutalise this time by bellowing her name all over it.



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