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A Plaque To Honor David Bowie Is Installed At His Berlin Home


He was one of England’s greatest exports and despite being as British as you get, the late David Bowie will forever be associated with Berlin, Germany.

During the days of the Berlin Wall Bowie worked and lived in West Berlin. Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.21.40 PMIt was a creative haven for him and where he arguably did some of his finest work.

During his time camped out in the German city, the legend wrote and recorded what was forever known as the “Berlin Trilogy” these were the albums Low, Heroes, and Lodger.

Now, as a mark of respect, the city of Berlin is paying tribute to its former resident by unveiling a plaque outside the house that Bowie lived in those many years ago.

The plaque is written mostly in German, it roughly translates to: “In this house lived from 1976 to 1978 David Bowie 8.1.1947 – 10.1.2016. In this time arose the albums Low, Heroes, and Lodger. They go by the Berlin Trilogy in the history of music.”

Then, in English, there is a line from Bowie’s iconic hit “Heroes”, which was incidentally inspired by seeing producer Tony Visconti kissing his girlfriend at the Berlin Wall: “We can be heroes, just for one day.”

It’s a beautiful tribute to Bowie, and no doubt people will likely want to make the pilgrimage to Bowie’s former house to see this plaque, and to see his former home.

Thank you Berlin, the house is officially marked as piece of music history, as it should be.

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