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Blink-182 to release new song


If was confirmed this week that pop punk pioneers Blink-182 will be releasing a track from its highly anticipated new album at the beginning of next month. The new album which is due to follow the release of the first single will be the band’s first full length record since 2011’s Neighborhoods and is set to feature new member Matt Skiba.rsz_blink182

Skiba is most well known for his work with the punk band Alkaline Trio and has been a longtime friend of Blink-182. He was brought in, in January of last year, and played with Blink-182 for much of the band’s 2015 tour following the departure of former guitarist / singer Tom DeLonge who left following a series of arguments with Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus.

Despite numerous teaser videos of the recording process being posted on Hoppus’ YouTube channel, nobody is yet quite sure how the new record will sound and how much of Skiba’s musical influence will bleed into Blink’s existing traditions.

One man who has some of the answers is producer John Feldmann (frontman of pop punk band Goldfinger) who had this to say to Kerrang! about the new record:

“The guys aren’t 23 anymore, they’re dads now, so they’re no longer writing songs about poo and that kind of stuff. But there’s still got to be a sense of humour to it; it’s got to be fun and funny, but also age appropriate. There’s got to be growth on the album and there is.”

“It sounds f****** great and I’m just so excited to have people hear it. I’d say it’s one of the best records I’ve ever made in my life.”

However it sounds, one thing for sure is that it has plenty of people talking about it. Both Blink-182 and Alkaline Trio are giants of the pop punk genre and May 3 (the only confirmed day we could find for track releases at time of writing although there are some reports of earlier releases) is certain to be an exciting day for the pop punk community.



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