Blast From The Past: Top 5 Linkin Park Songs

In the first of our ‘Blast From The Past’ series, we’re focussing on nu-metal superstars Linkin Park.

Here is the RMW Top 5 Linkin Park tracks:

5: Faint

Taken from the band’s hugely successful second studio album ‘Meteora’, ‘Faint’ is a true fan favourite. The song features Linkin Park’s classic rapped verse / screamed chorus structure, put against an almost drum n bass style beat. By 2003, LP were already starting to experiment with more conventional rock songwriting, but ‘Faint’ was a stark reminder that the band were still one of the heaviest, angriest acts on the planet.


4: In The End

It is often said that Linkin Park’s debut record ‘Hybrid Theory’ is one of the most consistently brilliant debut rock albums ever released, with each song perfectly complimenting the last. In spite of this, ‘In The End’ somehow manages to stand out against the other tracks. With its dreamy piano melodies and shimmering choruses, the song harkens back to a time when LP could still write a pop song without compromising their heavy rock sound.


3: Numb

‘Numb’ is perhaps Linkin Park’s most commercially successful song to date, and was the band’s first single to achieve platinum certification. Based around a haunting synthesised melody, ‘Numb’ was one of the first track’s to exclusively feature Chester Bennington’s vocals in both the verse and chorus sections of the song. The track was fired back in the public eye in 2004 when it was remixed with Jay Z’s ‘Encore’ as part of the excellent ‘Collision Course’ album.


2: One Step Closer

Picking a lead single from ‘Hybrid Theory’ is no easy choice, but LP made a perfect decision in introducing themselves to the world via ‘One Step Closer’. Nu-metal’s roots stretch back all the way to the early 1990s, but it was with this song that the world finally began to take notice. Killer riff, killer video, and undoubtedly the beginning of something special.


1: Crawling

Every era of rock music has a scattering of defining moments, and ‘Crawling’ is definitely one of the most iconic tracks of its time. After the success of ‘One Step Closer’ there was a huge amount of hype surrounding Linkin Park, and to follow up with such a monster of a track is impressive to say the least. For many young music fans, ‘Crawling’ was the song that introduced them to not only heavy rock, but alternative culture and individuality.

Do you agree with our choices? Is there a more recent LP song that should have made the cut?

Do you know what nickname the band gave the lady in the ‘Crawling’ video?

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