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Blast From the Past: Top 5 Greatest Songs from KISS


The most successful rock band in music history? One word: KISS. Group founder “The Demon” Gene Simmons and “Starchild” Paul Stanley are two of the most iconic faces in Hollywood and the music sphere. From hits like “Rock And Roll All Nite” to “Detroit Rock City,” KISS’ list of radio hits is extensive, to say to least. Let’s a look at the top five greatest KISS songs of all time.

“Detroit Rock City”

Easily one of the band’s most popular songs. While it seems the city of New York would have drawn KISS’ largest audience, it was Detroit that actually drew the largest crowd during the earliest times of their career. In turn, the rockin’ costumed four-piece wrote this track in honor of the city itself.

“Cold Gin”

This song was written by former KISS member Ace Frehley. According to a number of sources close to the band, Frehley was too self-conscious to sing lead in 1974 when the song was released on their self-titled debut album, thus bringing the badass Mr. Simmons himself to the forefront where he could certainly never shy away from.


Also from their 1974 debut album, the track opens with an iconic drum-fill fit for the ultimate perception of show business. Produced by Eddie Kramer, it also appeared on the band’s first five-demo. Fun fact: the original title was called “Stanley the Parrot,” but as the sound progressed they changed the name.


Simmons famously said, “’Deuce’ was written in my head on a bus. I heard the lick, the riff, the melody, the whole thing. We arranged it right on the spot and knew that it would be a staple for years.” Following suit with “Cold Gin” and “Strutter,” it also appeared on the 1974 debut album and remains a staple at KISS concerts today.

“Rock And Roll All Nite”

Now, this is the ultimate rock anthem that the world surely knows comes from KISS’ catalog of over 100 songs. Did you know the band alone has more than 20 albums released? It is the last track on KISS’ 1975 third studio album Dressed to Kill. It was written by Simmons and Stanley during their Hotter Than Hell Tour. Simmons constructed the verses, while Stanley constructed the chorus and the pre-chorus.



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