Blast From The Past: Top 5 The Cure Songs

This week in our Blast From The Past series we’re looking at one of the most influential British bands of all time. Stick on some eyeliner and crank up the chorus…

Here is the RMW Top 5 The Cure tracks:

5. Friday I’m In Love

Released in 1992, ‘Friday I’m In Love’ is one of The Cure’s most commercially successful songs, peaking at number six on the UK Singles Chart. After writing the song, frontman Robert Smith became convinced that he had inadvertently stolen the chord progression and melody from another track. It took his fellow bandmates weeks to assure the singer that the song was indeed an original composition. Bizarrely ‘Friday I’m In Love’ is featured in the popular video game ‘Metal Gear Solid V’, despite being released eight years after the year in which the game is set.

4. Lovesong

Featured on the band’s seminal 1989 album ‘Disintegration’, ‘Lovesong’ remains one of the most popular tracks amongst Cure fans. The track is The Cure’s highest charting single in the US, peaking at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. It was narrowly beaten to the number one spot by Janet Jackson’s ‘Miss You Much’. Interestingly the band have never been able to decide on the track’s official title, often being stylised as both ‘Lovesong’ and ‘Love Song’ on various releases.

3. Boys Don’t Cry

Initially released as a stand alone single in 1979, ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ gained worldwide acclaim when it was re-recorded in 1986 under the ‘New Voice New Mix’ moniker, for the official music video. The track was one of the key inspirations behind the 1999 film of the same name, for which Hillary Swank won the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar. It has also featured in a bunch of other movies, including: ‘The Wedding Singer’, ’50 First Dates’, and ‘Starter For Ten’.

2. Lullaby

Best remembered for its super creepy music video, 1989’s ‘Lullaby’ is The Cure’s most successful ever single in the UK, reaching number five in the pop charts. For years, fans have pondered the meaning behind the track’s morbid, spider themed lyrics, which are assumed to be a reference to Robert Smith’s drug taking past. Smith has previously stated that the song is about childhood nightmares, once telling MTV: “One particular night, my uncle burst through the window, and he did unspeakable things,” before adding with a laugh, “He didn’t really.”

1. Just Live Heaven

The second Cure track to inspire a movie title, ‘Just Like Heaven’ is widely regarded to be the band’s best ever song, as it was the first track to appeal to an international audience (achieving huge popularity in the US in particular). Robert Smith once dubbed ‘Just Like Heaven’: “the best pop song The Cure have ever done”. It is also one of the few track’s to have been played on the Space Shuttle Discovery, being used as a wake up call during the 2008 flight STS-121. Upon hearing the song, astronaut Piers Sellers told mission control that it reminded him of “the wild, happy, beer-drinking years of my youth”- which in our opinion is one of the greatest compliments a song can get.

Have we missed any of your favourite tracks? Leave us a comment with your suggestions.

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