It has been a long time since rock and roll has heard a fresh and mighty sound, as well as having seen a fashionable group of young faces who still believe in the beauty of a genre dedicated to moving hearts and minds in a direction toward fun and rebellion.

Rock My World was on the scene in Chicago, IL this past Wednesday, September 9th at popular rock venue Double Door to catch BITERS, who just released their first smash record this past August 8th, appropriately titled Electric Blood.11889536_10153707611043984_8453204414330844235_n

Backstage before the show, surrounded by empty cans of beer and water, band leader Tuk Smith recalled just what music meant to the band, “We still believe in rock and roll, so we’re here to keep its legacy moving. It’s our way of paying homage to our inspirations, and it’s where we fit in.”

The retro 4-piece from Atlanta, GA has just signed a worldwide deal with  independent label Earache Records based in Nottingham, England. The first single off their new record, Restless Hearts, is currently taking names and cutting stone with a musical power not embraced since the days of Cheap Trick, Thin Lizzy, and David Bowie (also among their inspirations).

A heartfelt sight at Double Door was to see the undeniably ecstatic crowd in the presence of musicians so dedicated to their craft.

After playing song after song of hit-worthy tunes like “Heart Fulla Rock ‘n’ Roll”, “The Kids Ain’t Alright”, and “Space Age Wasteland”, the band ended the night with an encore by blasting through a cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song” and getting the crowd revved up. Their energy on stage encouraged a crowded pit of fans thrashing against one another as they jumped and danced to the music.

BITERS head out to the UK for a string of dates at the end of September. This is a band of true rock and rollers with an outrageous sound you cannot miss— be prepared, because you can’t ignore them either!

Story: Kate Catalina
Photo: Biters /Facebook

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