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Billy Corgan Says Korn Are As “Fresh And As Vicious As Ever”


Smashing Pumpkins founder Billy Corgan has been gushing about his collaboration with Korn’s Jonathan Davis when writing their new single “You’ll Never Find Me.”

He said: “Loved working with Jonathan Davis. He’s the real deal.” Adding: “Feels fresh, and the band is as vicious as ever.”

This isn’t Corgan’s first co-writing situation, he had a huge hit with Courtney Love on the 1998 Hole album Celebrity Skin, co-writing the title track and “Malibu.”

As for Jonathan Davis, he explained to Kerrang that: “It’s basically me dealing with all the stuff that happened to me last year. Very emotional for me, but it is what it is.

“I really spent a long time on doing what I wanted to do this time,” he continued. “No producers came in. And people trying to get me to do one thing this way or the other way — everybody was overthinking a lot of things — but I finally was fed up with it and kicked everyone out and said, ‘It’ll be done when it’s done.’

“And I locked myself up in my studio and spent a long time reflecting and just healing and making my art. And a couple of months later, I came out and it’s done.”

“It was really hard [making the new Korn album], but that’s how I’ve always dealt with all my problems — just throwing my heart and soul into my art.”

Check out Korn’s “You’ll Never Find Me” below:


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