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Billie Joe Armstrong Takes Aim at Autograph Hawkers


For those Green Day fans who are desperate for new material and wanting to see the band, Billie Joe Armstrong’s new side project The Longshot, are currently on tour, and this gives fans of the band a chance to see Billie Joe, up close and personal.

That being said, fans aren’t the only ones taking advantage of this golden opportunity.

Via his Instagram account, Armstrong took aim at the autograph hawkers who make their way to his shows and get him to sign stuff, which they promptly turn around and sell via sites like eBay.

Armstrong wrote: “Dear eBay autograph collectors, I know you want to get musicians to sign records,” Armstrong writes. “I understand you make a living from signed memorabilia and I’m cool with it. I’m happy to sign your stuff. But please stop shoving your way through real fans. Especially the young ones that just want to have a moment to talk.”

He also said that, he got hit in the face with a guitar on one occasion,  as someone was trying to get it signed and was pushing in forcibly.

“I love getting to know our [Green Day] fans and having real conversations,” adding: “But when the eBay guys shove s*** in my face…you make it near impossible to get to know real fans. Please respect my and and the real fans’ space. We’re just trying to get to know each other.”


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