BBC Accidentally Announces The Death of Mark E Smith

markesmith1A spokesperson for the BBC has made an officially apology after the company accidentally tweeted that The Fall frontman Mark E Smith had passed away. The disastrous mistake is thought to have been a miscommunication and has now been labelled a result of ‘human error’.

Mark E Smith is one of the UK’s most beloved songwriters. The Salford native gained worldwide popularity in the late 1970s for his work with the band The Fall. Smith celebrated his 60th birthday on March 5 leading many of his fans to post messages of congratulations via social media; however, a number of them were left in shock when it was reported by the BBC that the singer had passed away.

Tweeting on Sunday, BBC Music stated: “RIP Mark E Smith” accompanied by a sad face emoji.

Luckily, twitter users were quick to spot the error and the BBC deleted the tweet; replacing it with a message that read: “Happy 60th Mark E Smith”

An official spokesperson for the company has now issued an apology, explaining: “This was a genuine human error and the message was posted by mistake and swiftly deleted. We apologise for the error.”

The Fall released their most recent album ‘Sub-Lingual Tablet’ back in 2015. The record was well received by critics and peaked at number 31 on the UK Albums Chart.

Smith gave a rare interview to The Bolton News around the same time as the albums release; in which he stated: “Yeah. It is a good record. Unusually, I like it a lot. I listen to it all the time. I don’t play any Fall albums – ever. I’ve hardly any Fall stuff at home, apart from the odd test pressing, white labels and a few turkeys that never got released. But Sub Lingual Tablet is different and I’m very proud of it.”

He added: “People have written us off for years haven’t they? They say, ‘Oh…The Fall are a post-punk band from the 1980s.’ Excuse me. We never stopped. I didn’t used to care what people wrote about us, but I do know.”

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