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Axl Sends A Cease and Desist To Google Over Memes


We all want to look our best in pictures, but imagine if you are one of the biggest stars in rock and you get photographed time after time with, let’s just say, a few extra pounds on. With that said, Guns N’ Roses singer791bf0beb1a6aae49c4d8a650b4c5f951382c7c9b3cfb643a84921182ff30bf6 Axl Rose is sick and tired of the mountains of memes that have popped up including: “Take me down to obesity city” and many more derogatory memes. Rose is so tired of it that he has sent a cease and desist order to Google demanding the removal of photos and memes jabbing at his weight.

As TorrentFreak reported, every single item on last week’s DMCA notice relates to one image, a picture of Axl taken by photographer Boris Minkevich for the Winnipeg Free Press in 2010, which has now grown into the notorious Fat Axl meme.

The Guns N’ Roses/ AC/DC singer claims he actually owns the images, and has demanded to have them taken off the internet.

The Google notice reads: “Copyright image of Axl Rose. Please be advised that no permission has been granted to publish the copyright image so we cannot direct you to an authorized example of it.” Google has yet to comply with his take down request.

Cease and desist requests are no stranger to social media. In fact, millions of DMCA takedown notice requests, which tread the line between infringing content and censorship, are sent to webhosts and platforms like Google and Facebook every week.

Will the images be taken down? Only time, and perhaps a lawsuit, will tell…

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