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Avenged Auction Off Bass From Their First Demo


It’s no secret I’m an old school avenged fan, but, this one looks a little odd.

The Huntington Beach titans are selling a bass guitar from original bassist Matt Wendt, with the first $500 to be donated to charity once it’s sold. The instrument was not only used on Avenged’s first-ever demo (in which their line-up consisted of Zacky V, The Rev, M. Shadows and Matt Wendt at the time), it was also used for the band’s first few live performances in their native California.

Normally when bands do this sort of thing the whole whack goes to charity, not a limited cap of $500. I’m guessing this is something to do with helping out Wednt.

Which, there’s nothing wrong with, it’s not like he stayed around to be in one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

Although let’s be honest Wednt definitely made the wrong call in quitting the band to go to college, but then again how many musicians have made the opposite choice to go to college 2 years later with their tale between their legs.

Currently you can get bidding over at a7x world.


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