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Are Oasis to reform with Paul McCartney writing their comeback single?


Music royalty, Sir Paul McCartney’s recent advice to the Gallagher brothers to bury the hatchet has prompted Noel Gallagher to promise that Oasis will reform if the former Beatle and Oasis hero writes their comeback single.

Noel commented recently after McCartney prompted the feuding Gallagher brothers to put away up their differences and make music again. The pair have not worked together and have continued to wage a war of words ever since Noel decided to walk away from the band in August 2009.


The former Beatle said “I don’t know if they will ever make up,”.

“It’s a pity because they are very good together. Like many brothers, they are crazy. But it would be nice if they got together.

“My advice to them? Just get together and make some good music! But they have got to want to do it.”

In typical Noel Gallagher fashion, he then responded by saying,

“Tell [McCartney] if he writes our comeback single, it’s on,” he said. “Tell him to write an Oasis track and then we’ll talk. I’ll just put that out there.”

Sibling rivalry is nothing new though, the bitter fighting between former UB40 brothers, Ali, Duncan and Robin Campbell just goes to show that all’s fair in love and war.

Noel was recently quoted that he found all the endless interest “flattering”, “It’s funny, in the sense that it really does sum up the British psyche, that when we were together the press couldn’t wait for it to f***ing implode, and then when it did implode, they can’t wait for it to be back together again,” the 42-year-old said.

“I think from a fan’s point of view it’s flattering that people still want it, and then if I’m taking a real overview of it all, I think it’s sad that it’s needed. Because there are no other bands out there for anyone to focus their attention on every week.”

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