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Are Apple Rotten to the Core?


Technology giant Apple is apparently under investigation by US authorities amid claims that it has been stealing pop stars away from its rivals.

Critics have claimed that Apple has been unfairly bolstering its new music-streaming service, which launched this week, by approaching and then pressuring music labels to withdraw their artists from rival platforms like Spotify, Pandora and YouTube.

Taylor Swift is one of those artists to have signed up to the new service. Swift removed her whole back catalogue from Spotify a year ago in protest to them giving away music for free.[image type=”rounded” float=”left” src=”https:rockmyworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/apple.jpg” alt=”Apple”]

New York’s attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, has contacted a number of major music labels, demanding that they hand over any and all evidence regarding streaming deals, either with Apple or between the record labels themselves.


The investigation is very reminiscent of a previous lawsuit over e-books. In that instance, Apple was found guilty of teaming up with publishers to artificially inflate prices.

At the time Apple was incredibly keen to weaken Amazon’s grip on the ebooks market and made an agreement with publishers allowing them to set prices. This worked on the premise that they guaranteed that all titles would be cheaper on Apple than on other retailers.


The new Apple Music platform will cost $9.99 a month in the US, instead of streaming music from Spotify and YouTube for free.


This is not Apple’s first adventure into the music arena and because its technology is already so incredibly popular, it is pouring money into the music service to make sure it cracks the music streaming market.

As a footnote, last year Apple paid $3billion (£1.96billion) to buy Beats, the company co-founded by hip hop artist Dr Dre.

Dre’s music-streaming technology is one of the cornerstones of Apple’s new service.
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