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Arcade Fire Pays Tribute To Bowie At Panorama Festival


The Panorama Festival kicked off on Friday in New York, and before it even began we all knew we’d catch a musical gem here and there.

Arcade Fire didn’t let us down. Following the band’s set at the festival on Friday,AF SQ the group then staged a second line tribute to the one and only David Bowie

The band performed its first U.S. show of 2016 on Friday night, and did what it does best—an awesome set that truly got the crowd into the festival mood. But here’s the musical gem we were talking about: Immediately following Arcade Fire’s headlining set, the group and its guests, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band, then teamed up for a second line tribute to David Bowie similar to the one it put together in New Orleans soon after the music legend’s death in January.

With some brilliant renditions of the late singer’s work, this time around Arcade Fire and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band performed Bowie’s classics: “Heroes”, “Suffragette City”, and “Rebel Rebel” whilst walking through the crowd with instruments in hand and a huge screen projecting an image of Bowie’s Heroes album cover.

In January, and less than a week after Bowie’s death, Arcade Fire and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band coordinated a traditional second line parade through the streets of New Orleans. The tribute to the singer also received the blessing of the Bowie estate. Again, two months later, singer/frontman Win Butler performed Bowie’s “Fame” as part of an all-star super jam at the Okeechobee Festival in Florida.

The band said in a statement at the time of Bowie’s death: “David Bowie was one of the band’s earliest supporters and champions,” the band said. “He not only created the world that made it possible for our band to exist, he welcomed us into it with grace and warmth. We will take to the grave the moments we shared; talking, playing music and collaborating as some of the most profound and memorable moments of our lives. A true artist even in his passing, the world is more bright and mysterious because of him, and we will continue to shout prayers into the atmosphere he created.”

Check out the footage from Friday night’s show below:



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