Arcade Fire Premier Animated Video for New Track “Chemistry”

Arcade Fire certainly like to push the envelope, and the bands new video called “Chemistry,” has just premiered and it certainly fits into the bands non-conventional style.

The animated video is totally trippy. It’s about a wedding between a cat and a shark, and the wedding is being catered by a dog. If that isn’t trippy enough, the cat and dog fall in love, which leads to the shark and his gang of shark pals to start a fight with the dog.

Weird right? Well, it gets weirder. One of the sharks turns out to be an evil robot shark, and the cat and dog fly off into outer space and then………..Well, you get the picture.

“Chemistry” is taken from Arcade Fire’s new album, Everything Now, and the band kick off a U.S. tour to support of the album in July.

You can check out the video for “Chemistry” below.

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