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Arcade Fire Hint At New Album Release


Fans of Canadian pop rock superstars Arcade Fire will be pleased to hear that the band may be releasing their new album sooner than previously thought. Band member Will Butler (brother of frontman and chief songwriter Win Butler) took to reddit’s AMA a couple of days ago and revealed some details about the new record.

performs during The Reflector Tour at The Forum on August 2, 2014 in Inglewood, California.

Arcade Fire’s last official release was 2013’s ‘Reflektor’ which hit the number 1 spot in both the US and UK. Since ‘Reflektor’ the band have been either on tour or working on individual projects. Butler himself has released two solo albums, 2015’s ‘Policy’ and 2016’s live album ‘Friday Night’ which was mostly recorded at Chicago’s Lincoln Hall.

During the course of his reddit Q&A with fans, Butler suggested that the album would be released sometime in spring 2017 however he went on to say that there was “No definite schedule though, It’ll be done when it’s done”.

The last mention of the new album came back in September when Butler suggested they were “30 per cent” finished. He also jovially stated that the older the band get the lazier they are becoming and albums may take longer to record. One thing for certain is that whatever the time frame, it will definitely be worth the wait. Arcade Fire have gone from strength to strength since their debut album ‘Funeral’ in 2004 and seem to have that rare Radiohead like ability to get better with age.

When asked about the type of sound we can expect Butler said: “There’s kind of not enough [done yet] to know where it’s going. It’s good to know that we can play rhythmic music together and that we’re good at it, but there’s not enough there yet to know [if it’s going in that direction].”

As well as leaking a few details about LP 5, the multi-instrumentalist also talked synths, inspiration, current music and even reflected on his time working with the late great David Bowie stating: “He was genuinely so extremely lovely and human.”

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