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Another study saying rock makes you drive worse.


OK, so let’s be honest we’ve all done it, you’re driving along the road, you’ve cranked up some of your favourite tunes, you start drumming on the steering wheel, next thing you know you’re speeding. You check yourself, look around and whistle innocently pretending nothing happened.

The question being asked is which music is most likely to make you do this sort of thing. And the answer has once again come back as Rock Music.

A new study conducted on students from South China University of Technology tested the effects of slow and heavy music on driving performance. In all, 20 participants underwent 60 driving simulator tests to find out “the association between in-vehicle music listening, physiological and psychological response, and driving performance.” The tests were done with rock music (above 120bpm) and light music (below 80bpm).

“The arousal level perceived mental workload, standard deviation of speed, and frequency of lane crossing were higher when driving under the influence of rock music than that when driving under the influence of light music or an absence of music. Additionally, phlegmatic drivers generally had lower arousal levels and choleric drivers had a greater mental workload and were more likely distracted by music listening,” the study reveals.

But, here’s the thing, whilst the study sample size is a bit on the small size it isn’t the first one to do this so we’re willing to let that slide here at least. I mean, there was one done in Austria about Metal Music only a few months and numerous before that.  But, it seems that what they were really testing was bpm impact. Which, actually does make a lot of sense, a slow burning rock ballad doesn’t normally get me to slip on the accelerator nearly as much as some thrash metal is going to.

What do you guys think? Has rocking out ever made you screw up on the road? Let us know!



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