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And The Winner Is . . .


Earlier this month we closed our Marshall London Phone giveaway.

And now Rock My World is excited to announce the winner of our Marhsall Phone is……. Richard Randall!


Phone winner announcement

Congratulations! All the team here hope you enjoy it.

For those of you who didn’t win don’t worry, we’ve got another great competition coming up soon, keep your eyes peeled and we’ll be announcing it on our Facebook page soon!


What you need to know about the Marshall London Smartphone

It looks amazing, the casing is actually made from the same material as their amps, so it has an awesome, authentically musical feel.

Not only that it’s got some really cool features for on the go recording including being able to deal with 4 mic inputs. Which is pretty impressive for a phone.

Other than that the phone really shines by delivering a crisp sound quality a cut above the rest with better software, dual earphone outputs and an impressive built in speaker which is superb compared to anything else on the market. Sure the phone has draw backs, but so does everything targeted at a very specific audience.

And if you’re still want to know more information on the phone itself and you’re looking to buy one you can read our review here.


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