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Amy Lee Hints At New Evanescence Album In 2020


Fans have been waiting for a new Evanescence album and the band’s singer Amy Lee has finally started to release details about the forthcoming album and when fans can get their hands on it.

Until now the only news we had was the band discussing the fact that they were going to take much of 2019 to focus on writing new music, but never gave any kind of timeline.

Lee spoke to SiriusXM’s Grant Random about the follow up to Evanescence’s 2011 self-titled album saying: “This is sort of a creation year for us,” adding: “We’re playing a few festivals and some headlining shows — a little bit, but not too heavy. And in the time in between, getting together and starting the writing process for a new album.”

Giving fans hope that they will have new music sooner rather than later she said: “Hopefully next year.” Adding: “We’re just gonna get together and see what happens this month, and start doing that more regularly until we feel like we’re ready to do it.”

You can check out the full interview with Amy below:


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