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All He Wanted For Christmas Was His Two Front Teeth


Shane MacGowan may have sung one of most beloved Christmas songs of all time in “Fairytale Of New York”, but for MacGowan, the song “All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth” has never had more meaning than right now.2F7AF1E800000578-3366302-image-a-29_1450467634257

The Pogues frontman finally has his smile back. After decades of addiction to drugs and alcohol that destroyed his teeth, MacGowan had a full set of teeth implanted.

The gravelly voiced singer, who will be 58, coincidently, on Christmas Day, recently said he has always wanted to fix his damaged mouth. With the help of his girlfriend they looked into more radical procedures.

After a series of consultations, the whole procedure took six operations over the course of six months, and the results speak for themselves. MacGowan’s new teeth are now changing the singer’s life.

His new gnashers have helped him with regards to his singing voice as well. The singer can now “phrase things properly”—and even has been given the chance to eat his first apple in at least three decades.

MacGowan’s girlfriend, Victoria Mary Clarke, said that the teeth are based on those of the actor Michael Fassbender. But with one twist, the singer insisted on one being gold, which Victoria has described as “sexy.”

The final dental procedure was completed earlier this month on December 7th. To help Shane through the pain, he hired a pranic healer, which is a form of alternative medicine that claims to ‘balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy processes’. MacGowan’s response to the treatment, he said: it’s better than any drug he’s ever taken.

Check out Fairytale Of New York below:

Photos: Getty. Mark Large

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