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Alice In Chains Drummer Has A Spinal Tap Moment


In a serious Spinal Tap moment, Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell announced that drummer Sean Kinney’s drum throne had caught on fire at a show in Belfast, and his ‘ass’ was on fire.

He announced via Instagram: “Belfast thank you for the drum throne melting show…. Sean’s seat literally caught on fire. He kept on playing for 4 songs all the while getting his tuchus roasted. I thought someone lit a cig in the audience and burnt some hair….it was Sean’s ass.”

Cantrell also posted recently: “We dropped the video for our 3rd single Rainier Fog today. It’s our second project with Peter Darley Miller who did the AIC 23 mockumentary with us. Was a lot of fun to shoot, many laughs were had making this. Have a chuckle yerselves Check it out🤘🏻#rainierfog.”

For those of you that haven’t caught the new vid for “Rainier Fog,” we’ve got it for you right here for you below:



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