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Alice In Chains Drop Another Episode Black Antenna’ Movie Project


ALICE IN CHAINS has released the third episode of “Black Antenna”, a dark sci-fi thriller set against the backdrop of the band’s Grammy-nominated album “Rainier Fog” (BMG). Further episodes will be released throughout the coming months.

Rock ‘n roll meets alien intrigue as legendary Seattle rockers Alice in Chains are making a sci-fi movie in 10 chapters — and the third segment premieres exclusively right here on SYFY WIRE.

The movie is called Black Antenna and each chapter corresponds to a song on Alice in Chains’ Grammy-nominated sixth studio album, Rainier Fog . Directed and co-written by Adam Mason (Into the Dark), Black Antenna follows two aliens in human disguise, Alpha (played by co-writer Paul Sloan) and Beta (Viktoriya Dov), who are driving across the country and trying to build a communications device so they can call home for help — before dark forces overtake and destroy them.

“We’re honored to have SYFY WIRE premiere Episode 3 of our film Black Antenna,” says Alice in Chains singer/guitarist William DuVall. “Adam Mason and the entire cast and crew did such a wonderful job. We’re extremely proud to have the music from Rainier Fog paired with these amazing visuals and we’re excited to have this premiere expose the film to a wider audience.”

The third installment is called “Red Giant” and Mason tells SYFY WIRE how it advances the story: “We get some answers in chapter three,” he explains. “Alpha isn’t from this world. He crash landed here in his true alien form, stole a human body, and is now desperately trying to get a message to his people back home. We also realize that Beta wasn’t always with him, and that Alpha essentially pulled her from his own body, birthing her, because he was so lonely here on earth. Consequently Beta is caught between two places, feeling neither from our planet, or her own.

“We also learn that US immigration has a terrifying dude called Nil working for them,” Mason continues. “Who is similarly not of this world, and is hell bent on tracking down and killing any illegal aliens that come onto his radar.”

Mason reports that creating and editing a film to go along with a full-length rock album is not as difficult as he might have imagined. “It’s actually worked out incredibly well,” he says. “When I wrote the movie I was listening to the album on repeat, so I very much structured the story around the dynamics of the songwriting. Consequently all the ebbs and flows match pretty well.

“I’m very excited about finally getting to the end,” he adds. “The album concludes with this epic 7 minute song call ‘All I Am,’ which is probably my favorite song on the record and I think is going to match the crushing finale of the movie perfectly!”

As for what inspired the story — besides the music of Alice in Chains, of course — Mason says, “It was really a combination of the homeless problem in Los Angeles and what’s happening with immigration in the past few years that set my mind whirring…It’s not really a political movie, it’s just whenever I hear the term ‘illegal alien’ I immediately start to wonder if extraterrestrial aliens would be welcome here. And the answer is probably ‘f**k no!’”

Mason and Alice in Chains will roll out the next seven chapters of Black Antennain the weeks ahead, and you can get more news on Alice in Chains and Rainier Fog at the band’s official website.


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