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Alice Cooper Celebrates Steven Tyler’s Birthday With Knifes


It’s Steven Tyler’s birthday today (March 26th) and the master of all that is shock rock wished the Aerosmith singer a “Happy Birthday,” by tossing knives at the singer’s photo.

Alice Cooper reached out to Tyler on social tweeting a video to commemorate Tyler’s 72nd birthday. Let’s face it, knife throwing isn’t your everyday way to say happy birthday but hey, this is Alice, the same Alice that who electrocutes, hangs and beheads himself onstage every night so it should come as no surprise really.

Cooper tweeted: “Please help me wish a very happy birthday to the Demon of Screamin’,” this was while his song “Go to Hell” plated in the background of the uploaded video.

If you’re a fan of Cooper his knife throwing is obviously an act of love for one of rock n rolls biggest and baddest singers of all time.


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