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AFI Back With Two New Tracks


California punk band AFI have released two new songs titled ‘Snow Cats’ and ‘White Offerings’. The songs will be included on their upcoming tenth studio album ‘AFI (The Blood Album)’, which is set to be released on January 20, 2017.

AFI formed in 1991 and have since become one of America’s foremost punk rock acts. Led by straight edge vocalist Davey Havok, the four-piece burst onto the scene with their debut album ‘Answer That and Stay Fashionable’ in 1995. Along with bands such as NOFX, Alkaline Trio and Anti-Flag, AFI stood out as one of the most exciting artists in the independent punk scene of the late 90s.

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The band gained new ground and a worldwide audience, when they released their 2006 record ‘Decemberunderground’. The album spawned the hit songs ‘Miss Murder’, ‘Love Like Winter’ and ‘The Missing Frame’, and became one of the first punk / emo records to top the Billboard 200 chart.

AFI have released two further records in the years following ‘Decemberunderground’, 2009’s ‘Crash Love’ and 2013’s ‘Burials’. Despite not reaching the same heights as their stand out record, the band have maintained a large following, and many are hopeful that their upcoming ‘The Blood Album’ will not only become a commerical success, but introduce a whole new generation to their music.

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‘The Blood Album’ will be released via Concord Music Group, and has been produced by long term collaborator Jade Puget and Matt Hyde (the man behind Deftones’ ‘Gore’ and Parkway Drive’s ‘Atlas’).

Along with a standard online release, the album will also be made available on four limited addition vinyl records corresponding to the individual blood type of each band member.

Here is the full track list for the album:

  1. Dark Snow
  2. Still A Stranger
  3. Aurelia
  4. Hidden Knives
  5. Get Hurt
  6. Above The Bridge
  7. So Beneath You
  8. Snow Cats
  9. Dumb Kids
  10. Pink Eyes
  11. Feed From The Floor
  12. White Offerings
  13. She Speaks The Language
  14. The Wind That Carries Me Away

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