We interviewed one of NU Metal’s brightest up and comer’s Add1ction over the weekend. Hailing from Brownsville Texas and now relocated to Houston, Rock My World asked the band a few questions so that you can get a sense of where they are musically, and where the band is heading in the future.

RMW: How you guys doing?

Add1ction: Pretty good, excellent in fact.

RMW: We know you guys are currently hard at work on your first full-length album so thank you very much for taking the time out to chat with me today.  Let’s first introduce you guys. We’ve got Manny on rap and vocals, Johnny on vocals, Chester on guitar, Aldo on drums, and Danny on bass guitar.

RMW: So, we’re big fans of the band here at Rock My World and there’s no escaping the comparisons of your sound to early Linkin Park, which of course is a huge compliment. But how would you guys describe the sound of the band?

Add1ction: I guess Linkin Park has been for sure I’m a big heavy influence on us but we’re playing music that takes a little bit of everyone in the band’s style. We like a variety of artists like Eminem, Muse is also a big influence. So yeah it’s like a combination and mix of what we all like in the band.

RMW: You guys are a seriously kick ass band I promise our readers if you haven’t heard of these guys you will. Here’s a question for you, the Nu Metal genre started to peak in the early 2000s, that being said, what do you think about the recent increase of Nu Metal bands forming, and do you see coming back as strong as it was in the early 2000s?

Add1ction: We think there’s a lot of great bands right now From Ashes to New is one of them, and we think that it’s great that the genre is coming back.  We started off listening to Linkin Park and grew up with Poppa Roach and P.O.D. and it had kind of died down for a while we guess because hip hop took over. But it’s nice that there are other bands just like us that are kind of bringing the genre back to where it needs to be.

RMW: For sure, we don’t think it ever really went away it’s just other music came in and got the push and kind of overshadowed the whole Nu-Metal thing. The good news is you guys are bringing it back.

So, how did you guys get together? You’re obviously you’re all from the same Brownsville Texas area right?

Add1ction: Yeah we’re all from the same area. Some of our parents are musicians so we were always around music and we started at an early age just playing covers of other people’s music until we eventually evolved into writing our own material in 2015.

RMW: Where did the name Add1ction come from, and why did you choose to put the number one in the name?

Add1ction: The number one in the name came about because our number one addiction is music. That’s why we put the number one in the name instead of the letter I.

We know a majority of times addiction comes off as a negative note. But we’ve turned it into a positive by sharing our music and showing what it is that we are addicted to.

RMW: That’s great, the addition of the one in the name is great. It’s nice and clever it’s a nice twist on what could be a negative name but it’s absolutely not.

RMW: You guys are gaining a nice reputation. What’s next for the band? In fact let me cut to the chase, basically what I’m trying to do here is I’m trying to get some exclusive news from you guys. Is there anything you can tell our readers about upcoming tours or possible releases?

Add1ction: Yeah definitely. Not many people know that we are working on a full-length album but that’s actually why we made the move to Houston so we can all be under the same house under the same roof and just collaborate and be able to write whenever we want to.

It’s flowing very smoothly and we’re just about finished with the new album. So we would say that by summer of this year definitely, Add1ction will have a full-length album out.

RMW: Excellent news. Well with regards to the new record, you guys are obviously writing the material, but are you self-producing and recording it within the house itself? It sounds an ideal situation having everybody in the same place so you can write and record day or night but are you all self-contained? Meaning, do you have the studio you’re recording at in the same building?

Add1ction: No, we have the basics here, we have all the instruments here at home but we are working with a producer that’s local here in Houston, we’ve always recorded with him. He did our first two EP’s so we would constantly make the drive from Brownsville to Houston to record a song and go back. So it was a lot more convenient for us just to move to Houston to be a lot closer to where our producer lives.

RMW: That’s phenomenal. How about you give your producer a shout out?

Add1ction: Yeah definitely. His name is Wade Concienne

RMW: Well listen if it’s anything like your other material we’re sure it’s gonna be kickass.

Add1ction: Our guy is great man. He’s like a damn wizard in the studio. We play some ideas and he just turns them into something great every single time so we make a good team. Definitely.

RMW: Is there anyone you guys would recommend or really like to play with?

Add1ction: I mean hopefully we can do a tour one day with From Ashes to New. We all think they’re great. They got great material, they’re out there already. I prevail would be another good one. They just released her album Trauma. Yeah I mean we’re big fans of our genre man. Anyone we can get a shot with would be great to be honest.

RMW: For somebody who’s never heard Add1ction’s music before, which of your tracks would sum up the band perfectly?

Add1ction: We would say “Nothing left to lose” off our first EP Add1ction Nation. That’s pretty much what describes Add1ction I think.

RMW: Yeah, great track and we’re going to add that to the end of this interview so that the audience can have a listen. We really believe in this band. We think you guys have got what it takes.

Add1ction: Thank you so much.

RMW: When it comes to the writing process are you collaborative, and do you start with the lyrics or the music?

Add1ction: It’s a normally all four of us sitting down, we’ll start with some chords on an acoustic and start building up the track from there. We add some drums, start humming some melodies and then the last thing, of course, is the lyrics.

RMW: That’s really interesting because your music is so in your face and yet you start with the acoustic. We love that!

Add1ction: Yeah, it’s crazy how it just evolves into a heavy rock song.

RMW: Yeah but you know what, here’s the deal, if you can strip it down and play the track on acoustic and then can take it musically to where you guys take it, hats off to you guys.

RMW: We want to thank you guys for taking the time out today. We have a feeling our readers and subscribers will be hearing a lot more from Add1ction over the next year and you are a seriously nice bunch of guys. Good luck with the recording, kick some ass and stay in touch.

Add1ction: Thank you so much, nice chatting with you.

Make sure you check Add1ction’s original E.P. Point of No Return which is available on iTunes Google Play and Amazon music.


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